Story was hooked on bees the minute she
visited her first apiary (an area where hives
are kept). After that exciting day, she studied
raising honeybees by reading how-to books
and learning everything she could from a
beekeeper with experience. She started with
one hive, preparing the bees’ hive box during
the winter. In April,she introduced her first
queen and workers into their new home and
in September she harvested her first batch
of honey.

Raising honeybees is rewarding, educational,
and fun. More and more kids are becoming
beekeepers, which is exciting news.Honeybees
like cities just as much as the countryside
because of urban diverse nectar sources
and different blooming times.


Regarding stinging:Some beekeepers have never been stung. They are the ones who
remember to follow all the rules, like using smoke when inspecting the hives and
dressing in protective gear.

Story has suffered through many stinging episodes because she tends to be impulsive,
moves too quickly, forgets to wear gear, and isn’t especially coordinated. She’s trying to
do better.

Fun facts about honeybees:

  • Only one queen bee per hive.
  • A queen bee can lay over 1000
    eggs every day.
  • The lazy drones (boys) are thrown
    out of the hive before winter.
  • Bees don’t hibernate. They huddle
    together for warmth.
  • Workers, nurses, housekeepers,
    guards are all female.
  • Bees fly 15 miles per hour.
  • Honeybees dance to describe
    the path to nectar sources.
  • They eat honey, too.